Q: How much notice do you need for an order?

A: Usually we require 48 hours notice to ensure we have the products you specifically ask for in stock and allows for enough time to prep stock and schedule deliveries. This helps us guarantee your order is as fresh as possible.


Q: What’s the best way to order a bespoke box?

A: Get in touch either by DM on our Instagram or by email via our website to let us know what you’d like in the box and what you’d like to spend. Once we have all the details, we will get back to you with our recommendations. It’s best to order through the website by choosing the agreed amount and adding any instructions and a personal message if you’d like as well as the delivery address. 


Q: Is it possible to place an order with less than 24 hours notice?

A: Depending on circumstances this may be possible. Please contact us directly and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your request.

Q: Can I customise my order?

A: Yes! We will work with you to include any preferences you have or dietary requirements you need considered for your order.

Q: Do you charge for delivery?

A: Delivery is free within 5km of Caulfield.

5km - 12km from Caulfield - $10

12km - 20km from Caulfield - $18

20km - 25km from Caulfield - $25

25km - 30km from Caulfield - $30

Please check our delivery postcodes to see if we deliver to your area. If not, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Q: Is there a pick up option for my order?

A: Yes, you can pick up your order from our Caulfield address.

Q: What types of cheeses do you use?

A: We carefully select our cheeses from a variety of suppliers - our selection may vary from month to month to keep our grazes interesting and offer variety to our repeat customers. We've taken particular care in selecting cheeses you can't easily find at supermarkets or to give us a point of difference and maintain a high grazing standard. We also pride ourselves on using quality cheeses from speciality cheese makers to surprise and delight our clients. 

Q: Will you accommodate special requests like kosher style, salads, cakes for grazing table bookings?

A: Yes! Where we can we try to accommodate your preferences - some foods like quiches and salads we can make while requests for cakes, sweets etc are sourced via our suppliers.

Q: Can I supply additional foods to include on the grazing table?

A: Yes of course. We've worked with clients in the past who wanted to make or supply foods from other providers and we've styled these foods on the table also using our props and styling skills!

Q: What are your payment options?

A: We offer both online payment or bank transfer options for all our orders. 

Q: Do your prices include GST?

A: All prices on our website are GST inclusive.